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Who are we?

We are a Web Developer in North Sumatra, Medan, Indonesia

Lightdiv consists of a solid team of web designers and web developers based in Medan, Indonesia. We are experts in building websites with the use of WordPress CMS and Responsive Web Design technology. Lightdiv also offers the service of creating customized websites too. If you are interested in hiring us for your project(s) and for other inquiries, Contact Us Here!

Our Services

We Build

We build wonderful system for your needs.

We Design

We do things with style. We use modern design and think about the user experience too.

We Maintain

We can also maintain the sites, don't you worry.

Our Process

In Lightdiv, we make our process very straightforward and thus convenient and satisfying for our clients. Therefore, we try to offer a simple yet promising service for our clients. Websites are created in such a way that are easy and convenient both for our clients and their websites' viewers. Therefore, we try to offer a fast and simple, yet promising service for our clients.

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